Thank you Timilsina, for such a heartfelt account of your experience with us.  #COVID19 #JayaMentalHealth #mentalhealth #nepal

“I was delighted to participate in Ms Dixit’s Art therapy sessions. To be honest, prior to taking part in these sessions I had never participated or heard about art as a form of therapy. What a wonderful, refreshing way to reflect on my own thoughts and personal experiences. I never thought so long about myself and how I feel. Sometimes my own thoughts drive me crazy; I get frustrated and confused, and I struggle to share my feelings with others. I overthink, and loose patience with myself. This form of therapy has helped me to me to reconnect with my childhood, my loved ones, and to reflect on my career. Overall, I felt relieved for being able to look back, and also look forward to the future.
Lajja m’am you are so sweet. I loved the way you talked and the way you Connected with us all. Most importantly,thank you IOF team, Binod Heyojoo sir, Unity in Health and Ms Lajja Dixit for bringing this beautiful session to my attention.
Your sincerely,

Binita Timilsina
2nd year,1st sem