This week Sailesh Bhandari, Jaya Mental Health Nepal’s Clinical Nurse Educator, welcomed Dr Phanindra Prasad Baral (Chief of NCD and Mental Health Section, Ministry of Health and Population), to Sandakpur, Eastern Nepal. Together with local government and health authority members, Sailesh introduced Jaya Mental Health’s ongoing community outreach project to Dr Phanindra. The latter stated appreciating Jaya Mental Health Nepal’s “tremendous work as a new organisation in the region”, adding that the two-year running community-based mental health clinic “has been a catalyst, helping the government to fulfil and respond to the mental health needs of rural communities in Sandakpur”. In addition to continuing its work in Ilam, Unity in Health Nepal plans to extend its model of mental health outreach work to other remote areas of the country; the team looks forward to working with other local and national authorities for the benefit of everyone in need of mental health care and support in Nepal. Please note that at present Jaya Mental Health operates in Nepal under the name Unity in Health Nepal. #JayaMentalHealth #ilam #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #nepal