For our team, and for thousands across the world, the 10th of October is one of the most important dates on our calendar – the day we celebrate World Mental Health day. This year, our team and friends decided to put together short messages, in Nepali, Urdu, Sinhala, Hindi and English, with thoughts on how we can celebrate this date. More than ever, as we go through this pandemic, let’s talk about mental health. Kick starting our small collection of videos is Nepal-based mental health nurse Susmita Bogati: “We don’t usually talk about mental health in Nepal and do not give priority to it as we do to physical health.

If we are able to connect our mind body and soul then any difficult situation can be well balanced and every problem can be solved.

We should never hesitate to talk about mental health and seek for help when in need.

Let’s talk about mental health.

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