One of our team’s many dreams has always been to open an information resource centre/library for nurses in Nepal. We wanted to create a unique space that provides useful information for nurses, their day to day practice and their professional development. In addition, and following the work done over the past few months with health professionals during the pandemic, we also wanted to continue supporting nurses and other healthcare staff with their mental health and emotional needs. Slowly, we are getting there! Thank you for all donations of books and other resources we received so far – today we’ve started setting up our library, and we hope to open our doors to students and qualified staff very soon. A special thank you to Tereza Nogueira Mamuska Soares for her support in building our library’s collection, for her enthusiasm and unconditional love. If you have any books or information materials on mental health and/or nursing practice you would like to donate, do get in touch! Many thanks to all, and watch this space! (please write to

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