You probably heard on the news that COVID-19 continues to inflict illness and misery across India, Nepal, Pakistan and other Asian countries. We are in one of the most critical moments on the fight against Covid-19 in the region. In the last few days, South Asia has seen a renewed surge in cases. These countries’ fragile national healthcare systems are on the brink of collapse; many hospitals are running out of oxygen and consequently thousands of people are dying; health professionals are physically exhausted and emotionally defeated. To make matters worse, a huge proportion of the population in the region is yet to receive a vaccine.

We are urgently looking for funds to continue our work with nurses on the frontline of the COVID-19 battle in Nepal. So far, we provided one-to-one and group therapy to 300 nurses, but we need to help a much greater number of frontline health workers.

Can you help us?

With your support and donation, not matter how large or small, we will be able to offer psychological support to more of these warriors. If they are not well, the chances of Covid-19 patients getting the care they need are even slimmer. The well-being of every single nurse really is key to overcome this monumental challenge.

On behalf of every nurse we work with, thank you for your generosity and for making a difference.

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