Raj Kumar is a tailor, married and with two teenage daughters. He lives in Mabu, a rural area in eastern Nepal. Three years ago, Raj witnessed the tragic death of two of his closest friends. Such loss had a profound effect on him. He stopped sleeping, started hearing voices in his head, and became overtaken by a constant, intense fear of dying. Eventually, he could no longer leave his house, work nor provide for his family.

Raj Kumar was one of the first men attending Jaya Mental Health’s free walk-in clinics. Gradually and with the support of our nurses and counsellors, Raj stopped hearing voices. He regained his self-confidence and belief in a brighter future. It was a long, hard journey, but today, Raj is back in his workshop doing what he loves most. He has also become a major mental health advocate in his community, encouraging others in similar situations to his to visit Jaya’s team and receive the care they deserve.

Thank you Raj, for your courage and for being such an inspiration to others.

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