We couldn’t have started 2024 in a better way – sharing the findings of our joint community mental health pilot project in Ilam, eastern Nepal, with government officials, WHO representatives, and other NGOs working in mental health care in the region. Above all, what’s most exciting, is that we did this together with some of our local partners – the Health Assistants, Female Community Health Volunteers, and local officials without whom the establishment and running of our free community mental health clinics wouldn’t have happened: “Thank you for helping us be who we are today” stated the Health Assistants present at the event; “thank you for all the support you gave us, and for building the confidence in us. Because of JMH’s project, we are now able to provide mental health services to the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our community”.

Three years have passed since the launch of our first clinic in the region, and so far, we have, among many other things, saw a decrease in numbers of suicide by a staggering 77%. However, much works remains to be done and thousands of people are still unable to access the mental health support they need. That is why we look forward to continuing opening more clinics, training more staff, and working collectively for the creation of free, more inclusive mental health services opened to all.