Covid-19 crisis in Nepal – “every emergency room is full now”

COVID-19 spirals out of control in Nepal: ‘Every emergency room is full now’, reports National…

No oxygen, no beds, no meds. The drama taking place outside Teku Hospital, Kathmandu

12th May. Patients desperate for a bed and oxygen outside Teku hospital, Nepal.

An urgent message from Nepal-based Nurse Susmita Bogati

An urgent message from Susmita Bogati, Nepal-based nurse and counsellor. Please share this appeal…

An important message from our therapist Lajja Dixit

Nurses in Nepal need your support. A message from our amazing Lajja

Scholarship storied: Jaya Mental Health and The Burdett Trust for Nursing

A special thank you to the Burdett Trust for Nursing for all the support offered to Jaya Mental…

Join us and Nursing Now on another webinar on the 12th of May!

Jaya Mental Health is once again joining Nursing Now and the Nightingale Challenge Global…

Webinar on Stress Management and Self-care

Stress management and self-care for nurses webinar.

Exhausted and Defeated

Nurses in South Asia are exhausted.

Thousands are dying of COVID-19 in South Asia. Nurses desperately need your help.

You probably heard on the news that COVID-19 continues to inflict illness and misery across India,…

A Nurse in Every School

In many medium and low-income countries school nurses are the only qualified health professionals…