Art Therapy for all

Today marked a milestone at JMH as we hosted our art therapy session, bringing together a diverse group of both female and male nurses from various…

Are there male nurses in South Asia?

The notion that caregiving jobs are women’s work is outdated. Nevertheless, male nurses remain hard to find, no matter where in the world.

Good Nursing Leadership means better care

Strong Nursing leaders are vital to shape and improve care. We’ve been working with an incredible group of nurses from Bakthapur General Hospital, Nepal, to…

Time To Talk

Today is #TimeToTalkDay the UK’s biggest mental health conversation. Happening every year, it’s a day for friends, families, communities, and workplaces to…

Ilam Report – Findings from JMH’s Community Mental Health Work in Eastern Nepal

We couldn’t have started 2024 in a better way – sharing the findings of our joint community mental health pilot project in Ilam, eastern Nepal, with government…

Online supervision – an option to support health professionals practising in remote areas of South Asia

For many people around the world who celebrate Christmas, this time of the year equals holidays. For most health professionals and community volunteers, it’s…

Happy International Volunteer Day!

More than one billion people volunteer globally for solidarity and humanity, for people and the planet. At Jaya Mental Health, none of what we have achieved so…

A warm welcome to Dr Sims!

We are delighted to welcome Dr David Sims, Medical Director, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCT) to Jaya's office in Nepal.

Old Age and Dementia Care – why does it matter?

Bhaktapur Hospital is one of the oldest and largest hospitals in Nepal. It is also home to a fantastic nursing workforce, eager to learn and explore new ways…

Nursing and Community Based Healthcare

Community based health care is often the only form of health support available to people living in remote parts of the world.

A new volunteer in Nepal

Jo is the latest volunteer joining our Nepal-based team.

World Suicide Prevention Day Walk

An absolute honour to have joined all other Nepalese Mental Health Organisations in this past Sunday's walk on World Suicide Prevention Day. Kathmandu, 10th…

World Suicide Prevention Day

The 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every year some 700 thousand people in the world lose…

Art Therapy in Nursing

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses visual and tactile media as a means of self expression and communication.

Meeting with the Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town

Wonderful to meet members of the Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town this morning. The Rotary Club is one of the world's largest and most successful global…

Transforming children’s mental health in Nepal

For two and half years, Jaya Mental Health (JMH) worked closely with school nurses in a region of Nepal, in a joint effort to improve care for local children…

News from Ilam in Eastern Nepal

Recently our team has travelled to Ilam in Eastern Nepal where our mental health clinics were set up in 2018.

News from Sri Lanka

This month, alongside Marjorie Gardner our Director of Education, two Occupational Therapist volunteers Nadia Khan and Khazina Hussain from Bradford District…

Something Big Is Coming…..

Lately, many of us talk of being tired of chatting to family, friends and colleagues via a computer or phone screen.

Happy International Nurses Day!

Wishing all our friends across the globe a wonderful new year!

International Women’s Day

Today the 8th of March, is International Women's Day. Much of Jaya Mental Health's work focuses on improving access to quality mental health care for women and…

Effective communication, active listening and rapport building workshop

Effective communication is central to the provision of compassionate, high-quality nursing care

New Nursing Now Challenge Webinar

Once again, we are over the moon to join the Nursing Now Challenge and Jphiego on another Nursing & Midwifery in Crisis webinar.

Reaching out to our colleagues in the Himalayas

Lately, many of us talk of being tired of chatting to family, friends and colleagues via a computer or phone screen.

A happy and health new year!

Wishing all our friends across the globe a wonderful new year!

Raj Kumar’s story

Three years ago, Raj witnessed the tragic death of two of his closest friends. Such loss had a profound effect on him.

A new, confident workforce

Gradually, the community workers we've been training and working with for the past 2 years, are taking over Jaya Mental Health's free mental health walk-in…

International Volunteer’s Day!

Today it's International Volunteer Day! Without volunteers, organisations like Jaya Mental Health simply wouldn't exist.

Covid-19 vaccination campaign

As the Covid-19 vaccination campaign continues in eastern Nepal.

Mental Health matters

Prevention is an important approach to improving mental health. It means stopping mental health problems from developing, getting worse or coming back.

Susmita, one of our many quiet heroes

This is Susmita, a mental health nurse and one of our staff members in South Asia.

Suicide prevention posters distributed across Ilam mountain health posts

Jaya Mental Health's suicide prevention posters are now up on the walls of several health posts located on the mountains of Eastern Nepal.

Our shield boards are up!

And finally, our Jaya Mental Health/Unity in Health Nepal sign boards are up!

Community nursing – a new healthcare workforce in Nepal

We are delighted to have been invited by the Nursing and Social Security Division of Nepal to offer training on communication skills to some of Nepal's first…

Nursing Now Challenge

We are delighted to once again join the Nursing Now Challenge on the 17th November

João Marçal-Grilo, winner of the RCN Mental Health Nursing Award 2021

We are over the moon to announce that our Founding Director João Marçal-Grilo has won the Mental Health Nursing category of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)…

World Mental Health Day

Celebrating World Mental Health Day in Nepal - a huge thank you to everyone who joined our team in Bhaktapur and in Ilam to celebrate this very special day

Putting knowledge into practice

Gradually, Health Assistants (HAs) and Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVS) in Ilam, eastern Nepal, are feeling more confident in joining our team of…

Putting knowledge into practice

Thank you to all the Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) and Health Assistants who could join us for another WHO mhgap training, this time at the Mabu…

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today, the 10th of September, is World Suicide Prevention Day. Did you know that more than 700,000 suicides were reported globally in 2019?

These are the faces of some of the first nurses allocated to schools in Nepal

These are the faces of some of the first nurses ever to be allocated to schools in Nepal. Many will be placed in remote communities where they are likely to be…

How ready are Nepalese schools to welcome nurses to their teams?

Training school-based nurses in Nepal is one of the most exciting but also challenging projects we have decided to embark on.

Climate change is hurting our health

Climate change is hurting our planet and our physical and mental health. We must all act together to change this path of self-destruction.

Ilam’s mental health walk-in clinics are back

Nurses are not just caregivers, they are innovators and game changers.

Royal College of Nursing Awards 2021: Mental health nursing finalist!

We are super excited to announce that our Founding Director João Marçal-Grilo has been nominated for the Mental Health Nursing Award in the prestigious Royal…

Community Mental Health Care: services accessible to all

Jaya Mental Health is delighted to be joining Haripur University and the Psychology department on this interactive online class on Community Mental Health…

Stress Management webinars continue throughout the Summer

We are excited to announce another webinar run by our Nepal-based team, this time opened not just to nurses and health care staff, but to everyone keen to find…

Stress Management Workshop, Sahid Gangalal National Health Centre

8th June 2021: Another stress management and self-care workshop offered to over 40 nurses caring for covid-19 patients at the Sahid Gangalal National Health…

Supporting FCHVs through the pandemic

Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) are the backbone of health and social care services across the Himalayan range.

Covid-19 crisis in Nepal – “every emergency room is full now”

COVID-19 spirals out of control in Nepal: ‘Every emergency room is full now’, reports National Geographic.

No oxygen, no beds, no meds. The drama taking place outside Teku Hospital, Kathmandu

12th May. Patients desperate for a bed and oxygen outside Teku hospital, Nepal.

An urgent message from Nepal-based Nurse Susmita Bogati

An urgent message from Susmita Bogati, Nepal-based nurse and counsellor. Please share this appeal and support nurses in South Asia. Thank you!!

An important message from our therapist Lajja Dixit

Nurses in Nepal need your support. A message from our amazing Lajja

Scholarship storied: Jaya Mental Health and The Burdett Trust for Nursing

A special thank you to the Burdett Trust for Nursing for all the support offered to Jaya Mental Health and for sharing our story with others.

Join us and Nursing Now on another webinar on the 12th of May!

Jaya Mental Health is once again joining Nursing Now and the Nightingale Challenge Global Solutions Initiative for a second webinar on leadership!

Webinar on Stress Management and Self-care

Stress management and self-care for nurses webinar.

Exhausted and Defeated

Nurses in South Asia are exhausted.

Thousands are dying of COVID-19 in South Asia. Nurses desperately need your help.

You probably heard on the news that COVID-19 continues to inflict illness and misery across India, Nepal, Pakistan and other Asian countries. We are in one of…

A Nurse in Every School

In many medium and low-income countries school nurses are the only qualified health professionals children and adolescents have access to. This is particularly…

Jaya Mental Health joins Nursing Now on a new Nightingale Challenge!

We are delighted to join once again Nursing Now and the Nightingale Challenge Global Solutions Initiative on this exciting webinar on leadership! Join us on…

FCHV training Workshops

In Nepal, the Female Community Health Volunteer programme (FCHV) started in the late 80s. Today.

Counselling in Eastern Nepal

This is Kshitij Lungeli, our Counsellor working in the remote hilly area of eastern Nepal. Like the trees covering the peaks of the lower Himalayan mountains,…

Art Therapy is back!

Finally nurses and other health professionals in Nepal have started receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. This means that in addition to being protected against the…

Come and visit our new Information Resource Centre in Lalitpur!

One of our team's many dreams has always been to open an information resource centre/library for nurses in Nepal. We wanted to create a unique space that…

“Real change can be subtle, but also possible”

This is the story of our wonderful Sailesh Bhandari, a Nepalese Clinical Nurse determined to raise the profile of nursing both in Nepal and abroad.

Jaya Mental Health is thrilled to join the Nursing Now campaign and raise the profile and status of nursing worldwide!

This blog was written by João Marçal-Grilo, Founding Director of Jaya Mental Health.

Capacity building program in Ilam continues

At Jaya, in addition to bringing mental health care to remote corners of South Asia, we also train local communities in basic, but at times life saving mental…

Jaya’s first hill-based community mental health outreach clinic of 2021 started today!

So far our team of psychiatrists, counsellors and nurses have seen 44 patients. This January Jaya’s mobile medical team will stay in the Highlands of Eastern…

This is Mustang, in Western Nepal

Named “the last forbidden Kingdom”, Mustang was inaccessible to foreigners until October 1991.

Last community mental health outreach clinic of 2020!

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Jaya’s staff has once again joined forces with Ilam’s Health Assistants and local volunteers to deliver a two-days outreach…

Will Nepal, Pakistan and so many other low income countries be left behind when covid-19 vaccines arrive?

Most likely. At Jaya we are providing both practical and emotional support to nurses at the forefront of the covid-19 fight.

Our Mental Health Community Outreach Team is back in Sandakpur!

Covid-19 is tough, but so are we! Another monthly community mental health outreach clinic delivered in Eastern Nepal, following all necessary precautions to…

Celebrating World Mental Health Day

For our team, and for thousands across the world, the 10th of October is one of the most important dates on our calendar – the day we celebrate World Mental…

Celebrating World Mental Health Day

This year’s theme is greater investment, greater access.

Celebrating World Mental Health Day

Patan Mental Health Hospital is the largest of its kind in Nepal.

Jaya welcomes delegate of the Ministry of Health to Ilam, Eastern Nepal

This week Sailesh Bhandari, Jaya Mental Health Nepal’s Clinical Nurse Educator, welcomed Dr Phanindra Prasad Baral (Chief of NCD and Mental Health Section,…

Thank you Chetana

For sharing your experience with us. We were delighted to hear that this workshop was of use to you and your colleagues!

Thank you Timilsina

For such a heartfelt account of your experience with us.

Jaya Mental Health distributes PPEs to all Ilam District Hospital’s staff, Eastern Nepal

Over the past three months, ensuring that healthcare staff are protected and safe whilst on duty has been one of our main priorities.

Supporting nurses in South Asia during the pandemic – Jaya Mental Health’s top priority

Nurses and other health professionals in Nepal are under huge pressure.