Every minute, somewhere in the world, someone ends their own life.

That is 80 people every hour, 1926 every day, 700,000 every year.

Of these, 77% live in a low- or middle-income country and for most, there is no help in sight.

Solitude can make suicidal thoughts even worse.

A conversation with somebody willing to listen is sometimes all it takes to help start saving a life.

This Christmas, you can bring hope to someone who feels hopeless.

With your generosity, we can start life-saving conversations and bring free mental health support to someone at a high risk of ending their own life.

Your donation will people living in a remote part of the world with counselling sessions from a mental health trained health worker.

By the time you finish reading this message, another person will have ended their life.

Give now and help start those conversations that will change someone’s life forever.

This Christmas follow the stories of the people we work with

Please donate now  and share our story with your family and friends

From all of us,
thank you for your support and Merry Christmas.