Exhausted and Defeated

Nurses in South Asia are exhausted.

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Thousands are dying of COVID-19 in South Asia. Nurses desperately need your help.

You probably heard on the news that COVID-19 continues to inflict illness and misery across India, Nepal, Pakistan and other Asian countries. We are in one of the most critical moments on the fight…

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A Nurse in Every School

In many medium and low-income countries school nurses are the only qualified health professionals children and adolescents have access to. This is particularly true for rural based communities away…

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Jaya Mental Health joins Nursing Now on a new Nightingale Challenge!

We are delighted to join once again Nursing Now and the Nightingale Challenge Global Solutions Initiative on this exciting webinar on leadership! Join us on the 12th of April and take part in the…

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FCHV training Workshops

In Nepal, the Female Community Health Volunteer programme (FCHV) started in the late 80s. Today.

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Counselling in Eastern Nepal

This is Kshitij Lungeli, our Counsellor working in the remote hilly area of eastern Nepal. Like the trees covering the peaks of the lower Himalayan mountains, Kshitij stands tall and is a robust,…

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